Our Vision

Our clients are our Partners.

Our Target

Exceed the client expectation.

Our Message

Creativity, quality and high efficacy.

About Us

"Almrnah" is the first name given to the TV in the Arabic language .We reflect our experience in this field for more than 16 years. Our team use to in the most famous televisions in the region. This gave us the experience in the field of production in various forms with high quality standard. We use latest equipment in the world of media technology equivalent with the various needs of our customers. We are ready to produce any kind of production such as television programs, video & radio advertisements, Infographics and cartoon characters..

About the founder

Abdullah AlmurAlzaabi is a media consultant and certified trainer within the field who played a major role in nurturingthe growth of the media sector within the UAE for the past 16 years.

Working behind the camera at first as a graphic designer, then on set as a reporter, presenter and editor-in-chief, he sought greater heights, becoming the chair of applied media studies at the Higher Colleges of Technology.

With certifications from IAPPD and years of experience, he became a source of inspiration and knowledge to the generations of tomorrow, our future media representatives.

If you can design one thing you can design everything.
Just Believe It.

- Ali shah Swatian -

Our Services

We do things differently company providing key digital services.
Focused on helping our clients to build a successful business.

Media consultation

Impacting the largest audience is an obsession for each client! We will support you to identify the perfect message with the ideal platform by inventing the most creative and influential idea

Cartoon characters

We produced more than 15 characters. Used as government Identity and displayed in all media platform from the social media to Cinema theater.

Movies Production

We produced many films for our clients such as documentary, ceremony film and internal corporate film. We use the latest technology with the highest quality to achieve the best product.

TV Program

From our previous experience from working years in the official TV, we made many program was showing in the prime times.

Infographics & Presentation

The Infographic becomes the new media language. It can reflect your message directly to your audience in less then 60 seconds! We provide different methods depending on the type of message to be delivered.

Our Projects

We do things differently company providing key digital services.
Focused on helping our clients to build a successful business.

Our Clients

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